Shanghai Tatsuno Corporation was established on April 2, 2002. We are a professional manufacturer of the components for fuel dispensers. In 2006, we merged with Shanghai Tatsuno Fueling Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of fuel dispensers and related components. Tatsuno Corporation has invested 450 million yen in China. Shanghai Tatsuno Corporation, the only wholly-owned subsidiary company, is located at No. 579 Dongxing Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai.

Since the establishment, we has been using advanced equipment, technology and major components from Japan to manufacture and assemble fuel dispensers and the major components in order to serve the needs of the market. Shanghai Tatsuno Corporation has received the recognition from customers for excellent products and service, and as the overseas production base of Tatsuno Corporation, we also export products to Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, Lebanon, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Oman, South Africa, Czech Republic, etc.

Service Principle

Shanghai Tatsuno Corporation is staffed by experienced and professional maintenance personnel who are dedicated to providing quality after-sales service under the principle of "Quality priority, customer foremost", and we have earned customers' trust nationwide for our quality service.


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Q:The meaning of "L" & "P" displayed on the keyboard?
A:The MODE key on the keypad, which shows "L" on the keypad to indicate ascending. ...